Let's Start the Tech Talk...

Hello friends, fellow book lovers, and future engineers!

I was indulging in one of my favorite pastimes one afternoon [reading, naturally], when I came across a passage in my book that jumped out at me: 

"Despite the enormous importance of engineers and inventors in making our daily life what it is, history does not tell much about them. The earliest historical records were made by priests praising their gods and poets flattering their kings. Neither cared much about such mundane matters as technology. 

As a result, ancient legend and history are one-sided. We hear much about mighty kings and heroic warriors, somewhat less about priests, philosophers, and artists, and very little about the engineers who built the stages on which these players performed their parts. The warriors Achilles and Hector were celebrated in song and story - but the forgotten genius, who, about the time of the siege of Troy, invented the safety pin, lies wholly forgotten. Everybody has heard of Julius Caesar- but who knows of his contemporary Sergius Orata, the Roman building contractor who invented central indirect house heating? Yet Orata has affected our daily lives far more than Caesar ever did." - L. Sprague De Camp, The Ancient Engineers

Before reading this passage, it had not occurred to me that this simple reason could be one of the culprits for a lack of conversation about engineering and technical subjects. A logical solution that came to mind to help rectify this situation, was to start writing!

As an engineer with a love for robotics, innovation, gadgets, and history, I am fascinated by technological accomplishments of today and the past. Here in this blog, I hope to share with you interesting stories of technological accomplishments and my musings related to engineering and STEM fields! (STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)

Don't worry!! Though I like Math, I will not scare any of you with its complications in this blog. I will merely share anecdotes with you related to its importance and practical use! (in my own personal opinion, of course) Hopefully, you all will find these stories I come across in my reading, research, and travels just as interesting as I do. Let's try and prove that Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math is simply FASCINATING, shall we??  

Stay tuned for more!!  Talk to you soon...